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State of the Airport: 2015-2016

Echoing the reflections shared and visions articulated within the Presidential State of the Union, the Gubernatorial State of the State, and the Mayoral State of the City Addresses, the state of Jasper County Airport is increasingly strong and the future ever brighter!

Reflecting on 2015, we are encouraged by the increase in Aviation Gasoline sales that equated to more aviators fueling with us, and we are understanding of the continued decrease in Jet fuel sales that has paralleled 2014 and 2015’s downtrend in the price of corn and stagnated the demand for ag spraying, which is supported by aircraft powered by Jet fuel.  Additionally, we attribute the slight reduction in hangar rent to the growing challenge of balancing normal turnover, our hangar waiting list, and the inability of our 1930’s-hangar to accommodate the larger wingspans of today’s aircraft, but we are heartened by the opportunity to begin to remedy this enduring obstacle as soon as 2016.  With overall income increased, the corresponding contribution to our community enriched, and the feedback from transiting aviators, touring students, and visiting community members supportive, thank you for a great 2015!

Planning for 2016 in accordance with our Capital Improvement Program (CIP), we continue to welcome visitors seeking airport information and board materials to the airport’s first-ever website in its 80+ year history (  Together with our professional engineer, we are gearing up for the long-planned modernization of the airport’s fuel farm, which will further the safety, reliability, and capacity of this revenue-generating asset.  Similarly, we are working toward T-hangar development in support of the airport’s sustainability, and in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), we are planning for the improvement and installation of navigational aids to enhance the safety of operations.

Through such reflection and preparation, Jasper County Airport will continue to safely-serve as a welcoming gateway to and responsible steward of all of Jasper County!

2015-2016 State of the Airport

2015-2016 State of the Airport