NOTAM: !HUF 04/487 RZL AD AP FUEL NOT AVBL 1604261321-1606302359

After a decade of preparation, Jasper County Airport’s fuel farm modernization is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 2, 2016, conclude on or around Thursday, June 30, 2016, and include the replacement of tanks, motors, pumps, piping, and dispensers in pursuit of enhanced safety, reliability, and capacity.  With our remaining fuel sold in preparation such that our self-service 100LL and Jet A fuels are NOTAM’ed (above) not available through June 30, 2016, we apologize for this obvious inconvenience.  Hoping that you will afford us the opportunity to be of better service to you upon the inauguration of our new fuel farm offering self-service 100LL and Jet A fuels, please find below information from our neighboring airports in support of your flight preparations, and thank you for your understanding and support as we work toward an even better Jasper County Airport, your gateway to Jasper County at the doorstep of Northwest Indiana!

Neighboring Airports’ 100LL / Jet A Fuel Prices (Information as of 4/26/16)

  • Kentland Municipal Airport (50I – 16 SW): $3.69 / $3.37
  • White County Airport (MCX – 24 SE): $3.45 / $3.00
  • Arens Field Airport (RWN – 27 ENE): NOT AVBL (!HUF 02/859 RWN AD AP AVGAS NOT AVBL 1602261817-1606301817)
  • Greater Kankakee Airport (IKK – 31 WNW): $4.53 / $3.04
  • Porter County Airport (VPZ – 31 NNE): $3.97 / $2.70 (!VPZ 04/021 VPZ RWY 09/27 CLSD 1604271200-1606302359)
  • Starke County Airport (OXI – 33 NE): $3.64 / $2.50